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Preservation and Development

Classifying the Heritage Elements Using Shape Grammars PDF
khalid A. sadani, Emad H. Ismaeel

Water Resources

Investigating the Effect of Different Roughness on Velocity Pattern at a Reach of Shatt-Al-Arab PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Amjed M. Abbas, Muhannad M. Abbas, Havan H. Salman

Survey and Remote Sensing and Geotechnical Engineering

Effect of sand percentage on the compaction properties and undrained shear strength of low plasticity soft clay PDF
Ali A. alrobay, Iyad Alkroosh, Prabir Sarker, Saif Alzabeebee
Implementation of Surveying Techniques in the Route Selection for Baghdad Metro Tube PDF
Saad I. Sarsam
Reservation And Development Of Rigid Pavement Quality With The Aid Of Bacteria PDF
Saad I. Sarsam
Reserving The Sustainability Of Flexible Pavement In Terms Of Microcrack Healing PDF
Saad I. Sarsam
Stabilization of Clayey Soil by Using Metakaolin and Sugarcane Ash PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Zainab Saleem, Mahmood D. Ahmed

Urban Design, Housing and Planning

A Review of the Iraqi Housing Sector Problems PDF
Omar A. Al-Hafith, BK Satish, Pieter De Wilde

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