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City planning and Urban Design

BIMification of Stone Walls for Maintenance Management by Utilizing Linked Data PDF
Mushtak Khaleel Seeaed, Al-Hakam Hamdan
الواقع المعزز وإعادة تمثيل المعالم المندثرة - قشلة الموصل حالة دراسية PDF
Raghad Akram Altalib, Emad Hani Alalaf

Environmentally Sustainable buildings

Understanding the Key Environmental Risks and Their Sustainability Assessment Indicators PDF
Alaa Jaleel Naji, Asser Elsheikh
A Verification Tool for the Validity of Educational Environments According to the Biophilia Hypothesis PDF
Nagham Ismael Yahya
Air Polluted: Ammonia and Co2 Measurement By Using Arduino PDF
Adil Hussein Mohammed, Osama Abubakr Shafiq, Sherwan Farhad Muhammad, Ahmad Muhammad Abdulla
Influence of GGBFS-Based Artificial Aggregate on Mechanical Properties of Concrete PDF
Ahmed Assim Abdullah, Prof. Dr. Nihat Atmaca

Architectural Design and Theories

Investigating the Effects of Light and Color on Providing a Conceptual Framework for the Interior Design of Healthcare Environments PDF
Navid Khaleghimoghaddama
The Interventions in The Ruined Heritage Buildings and Their Assessment According to Conservation charters (Beit al-Tutunji is a Case Study) PDF
Aws A. Abdulhameed, Faris A. Hussein
Physical Evolution of Different Types of Shopping Environments in Arab and Middle East Countries PDF
Dr.Sana Omar

Structural Engineering & Building Materials

Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of Eccentrically Loaded LWRC Columns at Elevated Temperature PDF
Haitham A.B. Al-Thairy, Faaiza Al-Naqeeb
Flexural Performance of Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams with DFRCC Layer PDF
Mahdi J. Hssein, Waleed A. Abbas, I. N. Gorgis
Tribological Behavior of 316L Stainless Steel Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting PDF
Omar Al-Noaimy, Bandar AlMangour, Ezzet H. Abdulsalam, J. Eckert, K. G. Prashanth, A. K. Chaubey, S. Scudino, Sabih Hashim Alzuhairyh

Water Resources Engineering

Numerical Analysis of Seepage through Earth-Fill Dams PDF
Ahmed M.S. Al-Janabi
Exploration of Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Technology for Treatment of Municipal Wastewater in Erbil City PDF
Zana Azeez Mohammed Ameen, Shuokr Qarani Aziz
Flood Forecasting for the Greater Zabb Tributary of Tigris River Using the Probability Techniques PDF
Ali Mekki Al-Fawzy, Ali Hasan Hommadi, Fadhil Mohammed Al-Mohammed
Using of Stepped Shape Rock filled Weir as Squandering Energy Structure in Rectangular Channels : A Laboratory Study PDF
Ali Mekki Al-Fawzy, Abdul-hassan K. Al-Shukur, Fadhil M. Al-Mohammed, Ali H. Hommadi
Experimental Study for Measuring Flow Rate Using Broad-Crested Weirs PDF
Ary Shehab Jamil, Diyar Nasih Qader
Water Resources Quality Monitoring System in Erbil City PDF
Alaa B. Baban, Mariwan A. Yousif, Adil Hussein Mohammed, Osama Abwbakr Shafiq
Rainfall-Runoff Modelling for Kenyir Watershed using HEC-HMS Hydrologic Model PDF
Lariyah Mohd Sidek, Ibrahim Abdulrazak Al-Ani, Laith Abdulsattar Jabbar, Hidayah Basri, Nadhir Al-Ansari

Geotechnical Engineering

Numerical Simulation of the Application of Geotechnical Seismic Isolation (GSI) for a Bridge Subjected to Seismic Effect PDF
Davide Forcellini, Saif Alzabeebee
Characteristics of the undrained cohesion of cohesive soils in north of Iraq PDF
Saif Alzabeebee, Younis M. A. Alshkane, Kamal Ahmad Rashed

Transportation and High-Way Engineering.

Sensitivity of Viscoelastic Properties of Moisture Damaged Asphalt Concrete to Microcrack Healing PDF
Saad Issa Sarsam
Traffic Safety Culture Assessment in Baghdad-Iraq PDF
Saad Issa Sarsam
Analyzing the Effect of Axle Loads on Pavement Layers using the Mechanistic-Empirical Method PDF
Ayman Abdulmawjoud, Amina A. Shamam, Noor Y. Younis

Surveying and Geographic Information Systems

Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Monitoring Land Use Land Cover Change PDF
Mohammed kareem Sameer

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