Cihan University-Erbil Conferences, 4th International Conference on Biological & Health Sciences (CIC-BIOHS’2022)

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Vitamin D3 Deficiency Among Females in Erbil city
Qais Abdullah Nogaim

Last modified: 2022-08-30


This study aimed to evaluate the percentage of Vitamin D deficiency in women’s in Erbil city, Kurdistan, Iraq by direct assessment and intervention, carried out in the department of nutrition and dietetics, at Cihan University, Erbil. The methods of work designed for females participants in different ages who visited health care centers and they were ready to take part in this study and filling the questionnaire, after they accepted and agree to participate then they have to do Vitamin D3 blood analysis test and depend on the result our team continue to contact with them and deliver brochures’ about Vit. D and follow up the cases one by one as much as possible especially those who had deficiency, our goal was to increase the awareness and they have to do second blood test to evaluate the progress and impact of the intervention. The main result of this study was, the percentage of deficiency more than (53%) of the participants, meanwhile many correlations was found between the health and nutritional situation and Vit. D deficiency. On the other hand, the intervention which was carried out to increase the awareness helped many females who had deficiency and accept to continue participating in the program, more than (83 %) of them they skipped the vit. D3 deficiency depend on the second blood test which was done after period between (6 - 8 weeks) only. So, we can conclude that, females in Erbil suffering from this nutrient deficiency because of many reasons, as one of the nutritional problems, and they need more and more efforts and programs to help them in their life to be in good health.

Keywords—key words Vitamin D3- Deficiency - Females - Erbil city.



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