Cihan University-Erbil Conferences, 4th International Conference on Biological & Health Sciences (CIC-BIOHS’2022)

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Assessment of Antioxidant and Phenolics Content of Various Drying Techniques of (Hibiscus sabdariffa roselle L.) Calyx UKMR-1
ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI LEMA, Mahmoud D. Abdulrahman, Nor H. Mahmod, Moneruzzaman M. Khandaker, Sarwan W. Bradosty

Last modified: 2022-09-01


Providing food, clothing, shelter, and medicine, plants have played a critical role in human existence for millennia. The utilization of roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) calyx as a source of anthocyanins has been studied through rigorous investigations. Due to its perishable feature, the transformation of roselle calyces into dried without decreasing in their quality is highly difficult. This research was aim to determine effect various drying techniques of roselle sun, oven and freeze drying. Antioxidant, phenolic, flavonoids and anthocyanin content were determined. The studies revealed that freeze drying retained the antioxidant qualities, rate of drying increased significantly than oven and sun drying. It is concluded in other to retain the roselle calyces extract quality freeze drying methods should be employed.

Keywords—Aantioxidants, phytochemical, calyx, drying and, cyanidin glucoside



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