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Microbiology and Biotechnology

Development and validation of NLRP3 immunochromatography assay as an indicator for Inflammation and Bad Seminal Quality XML
Nuha Abdulsalam Younis, Haider Faisal Ghazi, Ula Mohammed Alkawaz

Biological and Medical Sciences

Proteinase inhibitors of pigeonpea cv. BSMR 736: Characterization and bioefficacy against Helicoverpa armigera
Faiyaz Khudaboddin Shaikh, Sarwan W. Bradosty, Prafull P. Gadge, Bhimrao V. Jaiwal, Manohar V. Padul, Ajit B. Patil
Surveillance of Urine Cultures and Evaluation Gram Negative Uropathogens; Five Year Data from Erbil XML
Hevi Seerwan Ghafour

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