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Biological and Medical Sciences

Proteinase inhibitors of pigeonpea cv. BSMR 736: Characterization and bioefficacy against Helicoverpa armigera
Faiyaz Khudaboddin Shaikh, Sarwan W. Bradosty, Prafull P. Gadge, Bhimrao V. Jaiwal, Manohar V. Padul, Ajit B. Patil
In-Vitro Screening of Clostridium Histolyticum Collagenase and Bacillus Polymyxa Metalloprotease Inhibitory Activities in Ninety-Five Medicinal Plant Extracts XML
Bhimrao V Jaiwal, Ajit B. Patil, Sarwan W. Bradosty, Faiyaz Khudaboddin Shaikh, Manohar V. Padul

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