Cihan University-Erbil Conferences, The 3rd International Conference on Language and Education at Cihan University-Erbil

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Erbil as Translation Zone: Cross-cultural Communication in the Urban Area
Sirvan Aminzadeh

Last modified: 2023-07-21


Over the centuries, translation has been regarded as communication across borders and nations. Emphasizing translation as cross-cultural communication, the present study depicts that translation makes communication possible between people of different languages and cultures in an urban area. It describes how Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, is a translation zone. In doing so, it exemplifies the prevalent translation practice inside the city and explains how translation lets the city`s inhabitants experience cultural differences. The study reveals that, due to Erbil`s multilingual context, translation between Kurdish, Arabic, and English is a key factor of communication through the city`s sensory landscape, translation spaces, cultural mediators, and digital connectivity. In sum, translation serves the city`s multiculturalism and exploits existing cultural resources for dealing with the current and future challenges in the city.

Keywords— Communication; Culture Translation; Translation Zone; Urban Area


Published Date: 01/06/2023


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