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Leave the Hedgehog Alone! The Problem of Privacy in Paul Muldoon's Hedgehog
Ali Hamada Mgallad

Last modified: 2023-07-22


Paul Muldoon is an outstanding Irish poet. One of his poetry's characteristics can be coined as the 'intricate spontaneity,' which does the most that it does, inspires. This paper deals with the problem of privacy in his poem the Hedgehog. Privacy is an essential right that everyone must have. Its importance is huge as it relates to such areas as identity, sovereignty... etc.The paper is an attempt to follow the brush touches by which the poet draws the object of his painting, the hedgehog.  It aims at observing the animal closely both externally as well as internally. In respect to the external part, the symbolism the poet makes use of through this object of painting is impressive and urges upon examining. As for the internal part, the poem is to be mystically considered for a better understanding of its purport concerning the concept of privacy. The paper setting benefits of Imagism tools to assess the poem properly.

Keywords— Privacy; Paul Muldoon; Imagism; Hedgehog; Poetry.


Published Date: 01/06/2023

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