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Native-Speakerism in the EFL Job Market: A Corpus-based Study of Teaching Advertisements
Mohammad AlTarawneh

Last modified: 2023-07-22


This study aimed to investigate the extent to which native-speakerism appears as a challenging discriminatory practice favoring native speakers (NSs) as better language teachers in the EFL job market. To do this, content analysis was utilized to analyze and critically review a corpus of 200 online teaching posts taken from an online TEFL website which presents the employers’ needs for recruiting English language teachers in different EFL contexts. From the analysis, the study also sought to examine the criteria which were used in the posts to recruit only NS teachers as well as the relationship between the posts favoring NSs and the origin of the educational agencies needing the language teachers. The findings revealed that discrimination was highly practiced in the ads as they unprofessionally preferred NSs as EFL teachers depending on linguistic, political and ideological grounds rather than on social, cultural, professional and pedagogic appropriateness. The concept of native-speakerism was strongly present in the ads as 76% (153 ads) showed a preference of NS teachers. The analysis also indicated a significant relationship between NS preference and the origin of recruiting agencies and institutions as most ads (101 out of 153 ads with NS preference) were posted by agencies and institutes that were branches of larger educational organizations originated in native-speaking countries. According to these findings, several recommendations were put in hand concerning TESOL professionalism and teaching competency. 

Keywords— Native-Speakerism in ELT; EFL Job Market; Corpus-Based Advertisements; NS-NNS Discrimination.


Published Date: 01/06/2023

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