Cihan University-Erbil Conferences, The 3rd International Conference on Language and Education at Cihan University-Erbil

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Problems in Using Communicative Language Teaching CLT in Secondary Schools from Teachers’ Point of Views
Shivan khudhur Dizayee, Karim Jawhar Karim

Last modified: 2023-07-23


The study researched on the problems that the communicative language teachers face in teaching a second language. The communicative language teaching is one of the most effective teaching methods in language teaching which has its own challenges from the teachers’ point of view. The communicative language teaching helps in a acquiring the native proficiency and accent. It improved on all four skill including reading, listening, speaking and writing. Consequently, it requires an effective curriculum and the effective content to be utilized in the classroom to promote interactive learning. The CL teachers may have problem in achieving high performance from the CLT if the learners are less interested or they are not enjoying the communication process. The teachers also face an issue when the learners are not using the target language because practicing the target language is very important to succeed in the target language. The practical implementation of the designed content and curriculum becomes one of the challenges for the teachers of the communicative language teaching.

Keywords— Communicative Language Teaching; Effective Curriculum; Effective Content; Target Language; Designed Content.


Published Date: 01/06/2023


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