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An Eco-Critical Study of James Hilton’s Lost Horizon and Random Harvest
Shwana Q. Perot

Last modified: 2023-07-23


Eco-criticism is an environmentally focused literary study that seeks to uncover the root causes of environmental problems. It emerged as a revolt against human being’s anthropocentric attitude of destruction, and suppression toward nature. James Hilton is one of the novelists whose writings unravel one of the vilest acts of human being. The devastating effects of warfare on humankind and environment are a key theme in his works. Hilton, in Lost Horizon and Random Harvest, depicts a world where war and armed conflicts have wreaked havoc on civilization and the ecosystem. Hilton expresses his concern about the destructive ways that humans treat the planet and emphasizes that destroying the environment will lead to the extinction of humanity. Through the critical lenses of eco-criticism, this study sought to examine the disastrous effects of warfare and armed conflict on humans and nature in the aforementioned novel.

Keywords— Eco-Criticism, Environmental Degradation, James Hilton’s Lost Horizon and Random Harvest, Man’s ego.


Published Date: 01/06/2023


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