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"HE" A Short Story by Katherine Ann Porter, A Psycholinguistic Analysis of Barthesean & Darridean Approaches
Suhair Saadaldeen Al-Faris

Last modified: 2023-07-23


The purpose of the current study is to demonstrate the process of analyzing a text of a short story through adopting the approach of “Readerly text” and “Plurality by employing two analytical theories of Barthes and Darrida respectively. In addition, the researcher adopted a psycholinguistic analysis method along with the two aforementioned approaches in order to add a valuable dimension to the interpretation of these two approaches. The analytical methodology is applied on a short story entitled “He” by Kathrine Ann Porter (1927) by classifying it into 27 lexias and analyzing it utilizing the “five codes” of Barthes and the “deconstruction theory” of Darrida with a psycholinguistics interference. This study provides the reader with the ability of creating meaning throughout the process of reading according to the social, cultural, scientific and psychological setting. However, the meaning gained is not a stable entity. Within these two approaches comes the psycholinguistic analysis of the text to support the concept that proposes that each linguistic means has psycholinguistic dimension.

Keywords— Barthesean and Darridean approach, Plurality, Deconstruction, Psycholinguistics analysis, signifier, “He” Keywords— Barthesean approach, Plurality, Deconstruction, Psycholinguistics analysis, “He”.


Published Date: 01/06/2023


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