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A WhatsApp Application-Based Therapy for Adolescents with Depression
Marwa Mahmood Ameen, Zeena M. Ameen

Last modified: 2023-07-25


In providing a therapy treatment to a patient with depression, the communication between a psychiatric doctor and a patient with depression must not be limited solely during the therapy session. Therefore, this study aims to identify the appropriate mobile application according to the types of depression therapy that require mobile application-based therapy for adolescents with depression. The participants in this study were recruited based on purposive sampling. The first round which consisted of four psychiatric doctors involved two males and two females participating in this study followed by participation of 14 experts in the second round. This study which employed the Fuzzy Delphi Method revealed that Whatsapp is necessary and thus categorized as the main based–therapy for adolescents with depression and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been acknowledged as the most suitable type of depression therapy that needs mobile application-based therapy for adolescents with depression. This method is useful to design a particular based-therapy module for the doctors to use in mobile application for adolescents with depression. The results of this study would be useful for doctors, particularly in using Whatsapp as a based therapy to interact with adolescents with depression in the future.

Keywords— Adolescents, Communication, Depression , Therapy, Whatsapp


Published Date: 01/06/2023


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