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Preservation and Development

The Hidden Heritage of Ankara Citadel: an Ambigous Future between Conservation and Transformation PDF
Salah H. Ismail
Classifying the Heritage Elements Using Shape Grammars PDF
khalid A. sadani, Emad H. Ismaeel
The Nature of Interpretation in Architectural criticism PDF
Asma H. Al-dabbagh
Develop Heritage Buildings To Support Countries Culturally And Economically PDF
Muazaz y. Aldulaimi, Rameez A. Dabre

Engineering Management and Economy

Pedestrians Crossing Behavior Models on Midblock Suburban Area in Dohuk City PDF
Ayman A. Abdulmawjoud, Abdulkhalik A. AL-Taei
Overhead Cost Assessment of Construction Projects in Erbil Governorate PDF
Noori S. Ali, Salar S. Ahmed
Time Overrun in Construction Projects of Sulaimani City PDF
Noori S. Ali, Payjor A. Abdullah

Structural Engineering

An Experimental Study On Concrete Containing Nano And/Or Micro Silica PDF
Sabih H. Muhodir
Ultimate Strength Of Parabolic Concrete Arches PDF
Adnan S. Al-kuaity
A Simplified Method for the Analysis of Hybrid Steel and FRP RC Beams PDF
Haitham A. Al-Thairy
Interaction Between Precast Concrete Columns With Socket Foundations Using Different Bonding Interfaces PDF
Haitham H. Muteb, Hayder Khdher Hasan, Haider Mohammed Al-Baghdadi
Erosion of Roller Compacted Concrete exposed to different water conditions PDF
Maher B. Yousif, Kanar Mohammad Ismael M. Nanakali, Faisal Dahham
Size Effect on the Bond Behavior of Grouted Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Light-weight Concrete PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Ola Ahmed, Yaqoob T. Al-Ani, Aamer N. Abbas
Torque – Twist Behavior of RC Columns Retrofitted with GFRP Laminates Under Combined Torque & Axial Loads: A Parametric Study PDF
Ahmed Sameer Younus

Water Resources

Multi Criteria Decision Making to Optimize the Best Runoff Control Measure Contributing to Haditha Dam Reservoir PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Hayder A. Al-Thamery, Wan H. Wan Mohtar
Evaluating The Efficiency Of Crushed Gravel Filters Around Field Drains PDF
Amer H. Alhaddad, Dhuha M. Mahdi
Investigating the Effect of Different Roughness on Velocity Pattern at a Reach of Shatt-Al-Arab PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Amjed M. Abbas, Muhannad M. Abbas, Havan H. Salman

Architectural and Constructional Materials

Study Enhancing the Rutting of Flexible Pavement by Adding Selected Polymers into Asphalt Mixes PDF
Mohammed A. Al-Jumaili
Development of Lightweight Concrete using Industrial Waste Palm Oil Clinker PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Wan Hamidon, Wan Hanna Mohtar

Survey and Remote Sensing and Geotechnical Engineering

Effect of sand percentage on the compaction properties and undrained shear strength of low plasticity soft clay PDF
Ali A. alrobay, Iyad Alkroosh, Prabir Sarker, Saif Alzabeebee
Implementation of Surveying Techniques in the Route Selection for Baghdad Metro Tube PDF
Saad I. Sarsam
Reservation And Development Of Rigid Pavement Quality With The Aid Of Bacteria PDF
Saad I. Sarsam
Reserving The Sustainability Of Flexible Pavement In Terms Of Microcrack Healing PDF
Saad I. Sarsam
Stabilization of Clayey Soil by Using Metakaolin and Sugarcane Ash PDF
Ibrahim A. Al-Ani, Zainab Saleem, Mahmood D. Ahmed
Comparative Study of Traffic Flow Models: A Case study for Al-Doura Expressway in Baghdad City PDF
Mahmood K. Al-Obaidi, Husam M. Al-Faris
Creep Characteristics of Organic Soft Clay Soil Using Large–Scale Model PDF
Raid R. Al-Omari, Mohammed Y. Fattah, Mudhafar K. Hameedi
Engineering Properties of Soil Immersed in Heavy Fuel Oil Waste PDF
Mahmoud I. Mahmoud, Ahmed A. Al-Obaidi, Rizgar A. Hummadi, Dunya Kh. Thieban
Slope Stability Analyses of Zoned Dam Under Steady State Condition/Case Study PDF
Dlshad K. Ahmed, Ako A. Daraei
Evaluation on the Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Using Polymer Modifications PDF
Dlzar B. Qadr, Aso F. Talabany, Sinan A. Yaseen

Urban Design, Housing and Planning

The role of urban legislation in improving the mental images of the city (Erbil city as case study)
Siba Taha Ibrahim, Alhan Faris Ibrahim
The role of smart parking in achieving the urban sustainability of Mosul city PDF
Maysaa M. Alobaidi, Maha Akram, Luma Mohammed
A Review of the Iraqi Housing Sector Problems PDF
Omar A. Al-Hafith, BK Satish, Pieter De Wilde
The role of urban legislation in improving the mental images of the city (Erbil city as case study) PDF
Siba T. Ibrahim, Alhan F. Ibrahim
The Impact of The Characteristics of Spatial Organization of Historic ‎Castles on The Urban Development ‎Strategies for The Surrounding ‎Areas‎ ‎“Salah Al-Din Citadel in Cairo as a case study”‎ PDF
Omar A. Khalaf, Alhan F. Ibrahim, Nor ‎ H. Ja`Afar
Land-uses as Quality of Making Successful Streets in Sulaimaniya City Centre, Iraq PDF
Musaab S. Al-Obeidy

Sustainability Architecture

Investigation Of Façade Contribution In Energy Efficiency Of A Low Rise Office Building In Mediterranean Climate PDF
Nagham I. yahya, Rania K. Al-ali
Adopting SCAMPER`S Strategies to Incorporate the Sustainability Concepts Within Architectural Design Process PDF
Farhan A. Ali
Investigate the Factors Affecting Green Building Projects In Iraq Towards Building Sustainability PDF
Hayder F. Abbas, Kadhum R. Razaij

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