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The Role of Social Support on EFL Learners’ Motivation at Iraqi Kurdistan Universities in Three Provinces
Rozhvin Adnan Rasheed

Last modified: 2023-08-15


The attitudes of Arabic-speaking countries to English have shifted significantly over the past ten years, with more emphasis on learners and learning than on teachers and teaching. The general conclusion of the literature is that a deeper understanding of language learners' motivation can have a beneficial effect on the Kurdistan language learning process. English Language Learning in Iraqi Kurdistan, which began as Kurdistan opened up rapidly to the outside world and experienced significant economic growth, is regarded as compulsory learning. The current study aimed to identify Kurdish students' motivation level and examine the effect of social support on the motivation of EFL students in three public universities in Iraqi Kurdistan Universities. Three instruments were employed to measure L2 motivation level and social support. The researcher collected the data through an online survey technique from 363 first-year Kurdish university students. Data were analysed using descriptive and simple regressions. The descriptive statistics showed that Kurdish first-year students have a high level of integrative and instrumental motivation. The study revealed that Kurdish students experienced a moderate level of social support from family, peers, and teachers. Theoretically, the findings may shed light on the role of social support and in predicting undergraduates' motivation to learn English. From a practical perspective, the results may raise awareness of parents, teachers, and peers to enhance undergraduate students' motivation to learn English.

Keywords— EFL, Iraq, Kurdistan, Motivation, Online Learning, Social Support.


Published Date: 01/06/2023


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