()    Current Issues in English Language and Literature
-    English Language Teaching (ELT/ FLT)
-    Linguistics and Pragmatics in Political Discourse
-    Phonological Features of Classroom Interaction
-    Intersection of Syntax and Morphology
-    Semiotics and Marketing
-    Contemporary American Literature
-    Cultural Identity
-    Psychology and Literature
()    Contemporary Turns in Translation Studies
-    Translation, Language, and Culture
-    Translation and Interpreting Studies as Interdisciplinary Studies
-    Translation and Technology
-    Sociology of Translation
-    Translation Pedagogy and Market
-    Translation and Ideology
-    Multimedia Translation
-    Interpreting
-    Translation Evaluation and Criticism
()    Education (Visions and Approaches)
-    Education Policy and Leadership
-    Global Issues in Education and Research
-    Learning / Teaching Methodologies and Assessment
-    Child and Family Education
-    Psychology and Social Studies in Education
-    Business Education
-    Pedagogical Innovations and Curriculum Development
-    Inclusive Learning and Special Education
-    Organizational and Environmental Challenges of Education
-    Information and Communications Technology and Education
-    E-Learning
-    Teacher Education
()    Physical Education and Sport Sciences
-    Sports and Healthy Society
-    Sport Performance, Analysis, and Assessment  
-    Sport Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Recreation
-    Sports Management and Commercialization
-    Sports Psychology and Sociology
-    Professional Preparation in Physical Education
-    Modern Technologies and Sport Sciences

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