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Biological and Medical Sciences

Targeting peroxisomal transport in trypanosoma XML
Abdulkarim Karim, Grzegorz Dubin
Assessment of the Effectiveness of Different Brands of Artemisinin – based Combination Therapy among Patients with Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria XML
Ahmad Kabir Maigari, Rufai Aliyu, Nasir Tukur Dabo, A Habibu, Sarwan Wasman Bradosty
Application of Body Condition Scorings to Effective Detection of African Trypanosomiasis in Camels and Cattle XML
Sarwan Wasman Bradosty, Ahmad Kabir Maigari, Salisu Ibrahim, Nasir Tukur Dabo
Challenges of Thromboprophylaxis in pregnancy: a 12 months audit and review of the literature XML
Molly Musarara, Maysoon Al-Haideri, Rezan Abdul-Kadir, Anja Drebes

Food, Nutrition and Public Health

Determination of Antioxidant Property, Total Phenolics Content, and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity of Different Solvent Extracts of Defatted and Non-Defatted Peanut Skins XML
Alkasim Kabiru Yunusa, Zahra'u B. Nouruddeen, Nura Abdullahi, Hafizu I. Kademi, Shamsuddeen S. Abubakar, Munir A. Dandago, Sarwan W. Bradosty, Abdurahman M. Dogara

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