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Microbiology and Biotechnology

Plasmid Profiling, Genetic Site determination of Antibiotic Resistance gene of Psudomonas aeruginosa isolated from Burned Patients XML
Mustafa Thanoon Younis, Zirak Fage Ahmed Abdulrahman, Omar Fikrat Bahjat, Noor Lutphy Ali, Sirwan Ahmed Rashid, Anas Saadeh Alkhouri
Identification Biofilm Producers s. Aureus Isolates and Detect their Biofilm Genes from Gingivitis Cases XML
Sirwan Ahmed Rashid, Sawsan Muhammed Sorchee, Mustafa Thanoon Yonus, Omar Fikrat Bahjat
Identification of Pharyngitis Bacteria in Patients with Sore Throat Features in Rizgary Teaching Hospital and Overuse of Antibiotics XML
Noor Lutphy Ali, Mustafa D. Younus, Omar F. Bahjat
Development and validation of NLRP3 immunochromatography assay as an indicator for Inflammation and Bad Seminal Quality XML
Nuha Abdulsalam Younis, Haider Faisal Ghazi, Ula Mohammed Alkawaz

Biological and Medical Sciences

Cytokine Profile as a Prognostic Parameter XML
Mustafa Thanoon Younis

Food, Nutrition and Public Health

Caffeine Level from Coffee, Tea Leaves, Carbonated Drinks and Energy Drinks XML
Omar Fikret Al-Windawi, Mustafa Thanoon Younus, Noor Lutphy Ali, Sirwan Ahmed Rashid
Determination of Antioxidant Property, Total Phenolics Content, and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity of Different Solvent Extracts of Defatted and Non-Defatted Peanut Skins XML
Alkasim Kabiru Yunusa, Zahra'u B. Nouruddeen, Nura Abdullahi, Hafizu I. Kademi, Shamsuddeen S. Abubakar, Munir A. Dandago, Sarwan W. Bradosty, Abdurahman M. Dogara

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