The aim of the conference is to facilitate and provide an opportunity to exchange of knowledge and to share views and experiences in the fields of communication engineering and computer science between academics, graduate and post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, researchers and industrial experts. Expert panel discussions and keynotes will address hot topics and issues in the field of communication engineering and computer science.

Main topics of conference

1- Communication Engineering:

  • Wireless Communication System
  • Image processing
  • Data Communication
  • Neural Fuzzy Systems
  • Secure Communications
  • Robotic Control Systems
  • Optical Communication Systems

2- Computer Science:

  • Natural Language Processing, Machine learning,
  • Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Hybrid Systems
  • Computational Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation
  • Data Communication, Computer Network and Security & Forensic
  • Decision Support and Recommender Systems
  • Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, and Knowledge Management
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Ontology
  • Software Engineering and Software Development
  • Web Application, Web Service, Web Intelligence Applications & Search and Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies
  • Robotics
  • IoT
  • Computer Science and Engineering, Hybrid intelligent systems
  • E-commerce, E-medicine, Information Retrieval, Data Visualization
  • Information Technology and Computer Education
  • Other topics related to CS and its Applications

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